Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ophthalmological conferences in the World in 2010

Ophthalmological conferences planned for 2010.

June 2010:

  • 05-09.06.2010, World Ophthalmology Congress: XXXII International Congress of Ophthalmology (ICO), 108 DOG Congress (German Society of Ophthalmology), AAD Congress 2010 (German Academy of Ophthalmology) in conjunction with SOE (European Society of Ophthalmology), AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmology), DOC (German Ocular Surgeons), Berlin, Germany
October 2010:
Date unknown:
  • IX Sympozjum Ergoftalmologii, Warsaw, Poland

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shared decision making said...

These conferences are often very helpful as there is a lot of exchange of medical ideas and thus many updates for the medical students and world at large.